Finding The Perfect Vinyl Floor For Your Home

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Vinyl flooring is a popular alternative to tiles or your natural wooden floor - parquet for many Singapore home owners. The biggest charm of vinyl floor is probably due to its ability to closely mimic the look of natural material (wood or stone) with a wide variety of colors, tones and textures available for you to choose. From the variety of options in the market, it can be difficult to decide which is the best vinyl for your home. So if you are unsure how to go about looking for the perfect vinyl floor that you’ll truly love, this is the article for you.


Differences between our vinyl and other floorings 

There are several floorings that look similar to vinyl but with different material properties that we have listed below.

Above: Our Scandihaus Resilient Vinyl Flooring (Made in Korea) in a project done by The Minimalist Society.
vinyl floor safe kids childrenAbove: Our Scandihaus Resilient Vinyl Flooring is produced in accordance to Singapore Environment Council's Green Label Category 64 which means it is an approved safe flooring option to give our owners a peace of mind when using for the long term.


parquet floor hdbAbove: A photo of parquet flooring. Credits to The Minimalist Society


strip tiles condo hdb singaporeAbove: A photo of strip tile flooring. Credits to The Minimalist Society


Above: A photo of laminate flooring
scandihaus resilient vinyl flooringAbove: Comparison between Scandihaus Vinyl Flooring with other common floorings.


work in progress vinyl floorAbove: Our Scandihaus Resilient Vinyl Flooring allows for fuss-free installation.


Method of installation

The vinyl floors that Scandi Supply carry are the click and lock system, which eliminates the need for glue entirely. This means faster installation time since you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry. Another major benefit of click and lock vinyl floor is that it takes away the amount of toxins that would have been otherwise released into the air and your home, thus allowing for better air quality.


vinyl floor selections singaporeAbove: There is a wide range of colour designs to choose from our Scandihaus Resilient Vinyl Flooring that fits the theme you are going for.

Choosing Designs

Colour & tones 

A lighter colour allows you to open up the room and make it feel bigger and brighter.

Above: A project we did for The Minimalist Society at a Pasir Ris resale HDB home.


A darker or warmer tone has the ability to make rooms feel more intimate or cozier as well.

Above: A project we did for The Minimalist Society at a Sengkang resale HDB home.



When choosing the patterns, especially for the wooden look, you may consider going for subtle lines. Strong patterns may look nice on a small piece of sample, but as a whole, a floor with strong running tones may make the house look busy, fighting for attention with the rest of the furniture and makes the house messy visually especially if it is of a lighter tone.


Above: Our Scandihaus Resilient Vinyl Flooring have subtle details that gives our homes an entire personality.
Above: A sample of busy looking designs for flooring.


In order to get a good sense of whether you’ll like the end result

  • Ask for a bigger piece of samples, preferably larger than your palm. Small pieces will not be able to show the full running tones or character of the design such as knots or “eyes”.
  • Ask for photos of previous installations. We should be able to visualize better when the designs are blown up in real photos.


Now that you’ve found your vinyl floor, next up, which direction should you lay your vinyl floor?


Best directions to lay vinyl floor

The directions of how the vinyl planks are laid plays an important role in whether it makes the space feel larger, smaller.


Above: A project we did for The Minimalist Society at Tanglin Halt resale HDB home.


First, look at the layout of the house.

Above: Floorplan of a HDB home. Credits to The Minimalist Society.


Laying the vinyl parallel to the longer side of the floor plan enlarges the room.



And Herringbone laying method adds visual interest to the house and is especially beautiful when the house has a bigger floor area or does not have too much furniture in the house.



When in search of the perfect vinyl floor, we know it can be a very overwhelming experience, from the variety of options to the quality of product. At Scandi Supply, we make it easy by bringing you the best designs and quality vinyl selections that provide comfort and elegance perfect for your dream home.

Get in touch with us to see the actual samples in our showroom. 

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