Window Covers

Curtains & Blinds
Our premium selections of high quality curtains & blinds are chosen to give your home a touch of luxe, tranquility, and privacy that you deserve. 


Types of Window Covers
Day covers are lightweight, sheer fabric meant to let the daylight into the room while providing privacy. It filters the daylight, reducing glares and creates a cozy atmosphere while keeping you feeling connected to the outdoors.

Night covers blocks out 70%-85% of sunlight, glares from screens and provides privacy. It also have properties that helps reduce noise and heat from entering your home. Essential piece for every home!

Just like it’s name, it blocks out 100% of sunlight while being able to keep out a significant amount of noise and heat. Perfect choice for light sleepers or for converting your room into a  movie theatre.


Our Process:

  • Step 1: Send us an enquiry, leave your details and we’ll get in touch within 3 working days.
  • Step 2: See, touch and feel the materials for yourself at our showroom! Get professional advice from our design consultants.*
  • Step 3: Site measurement & fabrication & schedule for installation.
  • Step 4: Delivery & installation by our professional team.

 *Note that we operate by appointment basis only as our consultants might be onsite. 


To view our portfolio for installation works done HDB and Condo in Singapore, click here.



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