Putting Scandinavian Designs into our Homes

Maximum style with maximum living space is what Scandinavian Interior Design is all about. Scandinavian Interior Design is a mixture of trends taken from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It combines ease with the maximum functionality of furniture while using a minimal number of accessories that empathize on gentleness and clarity delivering a calming effect. The simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian Interior Design have won the hearts of countless people around the world and Singapore is no exception. The trend of Scandinavian interior design in Singapore is growing fast and many are opting for this stylish, elegant and simple style of interior décor.

The most fundamental rule in the Scandinavian style interior design is whiteness. White is associated with light, purity and safety as well as being elegant and fashionable which makes it the corner stone of Scandinavian style interior design. The white shading is the foundation for sensitive shading subtleties. Everybody who picks the Scandinavian style will have a light and open interior. It is ideal for rooms with good ceiling height and substantial windows.

Here are a few tips on the best way to add the Scandinavian style to your home:



The primary hues in a Scandinavian design are nonpartisan, for example, grey, white and pale. In any case, it’s turning out to be better known now to include infusions of shading, for example some soft pastel colours. It’s the entire straightforwardness of the design that makes it succeed as a Scandinavian look.


To add more appeal to the walls, include customary art and designs delineating Norwegian scenery. This is simply ideal for bringing Scandinavia directly into your home stylistic theme; they bring cleanliness, freshness and whiteness of these nations. Other cost effective options may also include painting suitable geometric shapes and colours onto some walls.


Scandinavian furniture is basic, rich and vigorously impacted by Arts and Crafts development. Essentially, Scandinavian designs incorporate heaps of wood, this being the fundamental material utilized. Going through the room and kitchens, wood can be discovered everywhere throughout the house in all bits of furniture, for example, seats, tables, beds, closets, cabinets and dressings. This makes the furniture exceedingly practical and appealing.

The furniture designs are typically streamlined without additional brightening options. The furniture ought to be painted in light hues with a specific end goal to render all the more light. Search for things like wood-encircled lounge chair with white, dark checked material on pad and basic light-wood table and seats.


Lighting is a vital element of the Scandinavian interior design. Scandinavians live numerous months in obscurity, so sunlight and natural air are acknowledged components of stylistic layout. Keep curtains negligible, in pale hues and sheer textures. For indoor lighting, utilize a few light sources rather than one. Put floor lights and table lights in different parts of the space to include distinctive lighting levels. Cove lightings will also work well to provide a cozy Scandinavian environment.


Rooms that are bright and airy are part of the Scandinavian interior. The use of mirrors to reflect light and deliver shining impact can be very useful. A full height room divider that allows light to permeate through adds class to a Scandinavian design house.


Pick light-shaded hardwood floors to get the legitimate Scandinavian look. Have the floor white or grey with suitable highlights. A flower or region mat can likewise break the starkness furthermore add warmth to your floors.

Add elements of nature

Embellish your walls or ledge with plants or  encircled photographs of scene, for example, the extraordinary magma fields, Norwegian coves, or waterfalls on Iceland. Get some lovely picture of creatures, for example, lofty Finnish reindeer and Norwegian narwhal. Utilize rural looking wooden frames to finish the Scandinavian theme.

Scandinavian style is known for its clean simplicity and modern approach in interior design. A simple and updated look is easy to maintain and the end result is a clean and uncluttered environment for the home user. The key is to understand the relevant materials and connect with them emotionally to the end user when conceptualising the designs.



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