Why Do People Hire Interior Designers?

Interior design is the art of creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional for users. It is more than dotting a space with furniture items (a.k.a decorating), but interior designers would carefully consider your every need to design a space that is perfect for you.

Some people may think that hiring interior designers is an unnecessary expenditure, but just like how a private dining experience commands a higher price tag because it has top-notch service and exquisite meals that use high-quality ingredients, you can think of hiring interior designs in the same way. You are not only paying for a renovation project, but you are also paying for convenience, high-quality materials, and service.

Some may think that any random John Doe would be able to be an interior designer but think again. Here are some of the reasons why people hire interior designers. 

Saves time 

Interior designers have a wealth of experience in designing spaces. They know about all the do’s and don’ts of the process and would be able to coordinate different areas to make sure everything runs smoothly without hiccups, therefore saving you time. 

Saves Money 

Although this may sound counter-intuitive because you would need to pay in order to hire an interior designer, the overall benefits may be more worth it. 

With their experience, interior designers are able to minimise unwanted spending and mistakes, which may total up to be more than the cost of hiring an interior designer. 

Houses that are renovated by interior designers also have higher valuation since the house will be deemed as higher quality compared to others. Potential buyers would be willing to pay more for a higher quality of furnishing and build, courtesy of interior designers.

Wealth of Experience

Being professionals, interior designers need to stay relevant by being up to date on the latest trends in the design world. Not to mention their hands-on experience in dealing with different projects gives them the upper hand in solving any problems or issues that arise during the renovation process. 

Interior designers also have insights to combine different trends and make it work while not compromising on the functionality of the space. Sometimes when designing a space, clients may adopt a short term orientation in terms of the design. They may ask for something that is overly specific, aligned with a current fad that will fade after a while. Interior designers are better equipped with professional advice to ensure that your space would remain trendy for a long while.

Functional and Creative

Interior designers communicate with their clients to get a thorough understanding of what they aspire for their space and help them realise it. They are able to maximise constraints through smart design solutions that create value by breaking down the barriers (sometimes literally) and transform spaces to suit the needs of their clients. The best part is that their solutions are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. 

Extensive Connections

Depending on the amount of experience the interior designer has, they have varying degrees of connections in the renovation industry. Interior designers have contacts with essential personnel during the renovation process such as contractors and electricians that they have worked with before, and which they trust. This equates to a smoother renovation process, and possibly some price concessions for you. 

Although you could technically source for essential personnel by yourself, it would require extensive research and time which could be better spent elsewhere. Which brings me to the next point.

Fuss-Free Renovation

The renovation process is extremely tiring and time-consuming which often stresses people out. This is especially the case if you are preoccupied with other activities such as work or family. However, with the experience and contacts of an interior designer, all that’s left to do is to sit back and chill while you watch your dream space come to life. 

In all, hiring an interior designer has many benefits, and we suggest that you use one if you value convenience or simply don’t have the ability to design your space. We promise you will be satisfied with your choice. 



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